empowOR was designed with your agency's unique needs in mind, and this resource page serves as your comprehensive support system to maximize its potential. On this page, you'll discover a multitude of resources, guides, and tools carefully curated to streamline your client and case management workflows, enhance your agency's data capacity, and improve operations across all departments and programs. Whether you're a dedicated professional in community action or an organization leader, we're here to help you achieve your mission!

Strategies for Integrating Data 2024

Strategies for Integrating Data

Leveraging Data Locally 2024 Image

Leveraging Data Locally


Becoming a Data Driven Organization


De-Siloing Your Data


Exchanging Data Using a Standards Model Approach


What Can We Learn From CAAs’ COVID-19 Experiences


What Makes a Community Action Data Practitioner


Whole Family Approach Implementation

What our clients say


Client inquiry and the ability to send requests for documents have reduced the time that our Case Managers spend doing intake by 50%.

Joseph Figueroa

Tri Lakes Cares (TLC), CO

Before empowOR, La Puente's Crisis Prevention arm was taking up to 2 weeks to process an application. These days, we can process applications in 1 business day! empowOR was a game changer.

Adam Cheise

La Puente Crisis Prevention, CO

The capacity for reporting is far beyond any system we have seen.

Betsy Andrews Parker

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County, NH

We can case note what is going on with someone, read the notes, and pick back up where someone else left off. That wasn't the case when we were in many different systems.

Dawn van Hees CCAP, NCRI

Lakes and Pines CAC, Inc., MN

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