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A solution that supports the Whole Family approach

empowOR by CSST is a state-of-the-art, user friendly, fully web-based client, services, and results tracking software backed by a team with over 100 years of combined experience working with Community Action Agencies, multi-service nonprofits, and local governments.

What we offer

Changing the world through data


Functioning as a comprehensive client and case management system, empowOR is crafted to streamline essential daily operations. Agency administrators have the ability to customize the home dashboard, choosing which widgets to display and arranging them according to their preferences.


There are three ways of doing referrals within empowOR: presumptive eligibility, manual, or broad category.

  • Presumptive Eligibility - “flag” people as being presumptively eligible for a program and track referrals sent.
  • Manual - manually select which internal staff or external agency to refer a household to.
  • Broad Category - send a Medical Referral or a Housing Referral.
Services & Outcomes

Local administrators are able to customize programs by specifying service items, outcomes, and enrollment criteria. empowOR supports outcome recording at various data entry levels, which is crucial for data collection and reporting. This flexibility allows agencies to capture program-specific data in line with agency and funder requirements.


Assessments are sets of questions about a client’s current situation that are likely to change over time and are intended to be repeated at intervals. Agencies can create their own unique assessments and email clients a link to complete the assessment without coming into the agency location.

Funding Sources

Administrators have the ability to input any grant funding source and its corresponding amount into empowOR. Staff can then link services directly to those funding sources to maintain a continuously updated balance.


empowOR’s Plans form provides a unique tool for case management. Efforts can be tracked using an Individual Client/Household Plan, where the staff member and client/household work together to create a customized set of goals and action steps towards each goal.

What we offer

A client‐services‐outcomes management package

Client Inquiry

Allows clients to enter their own information & upload documents from a phone or computer.

Client Portal

Allows clients to see their applications and enrollments, including those in the eligibility determination phase.

Funder Specific Plugins

Our innovative "Plugin" approach enables funders to specify precise data requirements and options for state-wide or multi-agency programs.


Allows staff members to set their availability at various agency locations for clients to book appointments.

E-signature & Custom Applications

Allows for electronic signatures on any custom application form created.


Allows agencies to search for groups of clients (or staff, volunteers or donors) and send a standard text message.

Volunteers and Donations

Keep track of all your volunteer and donor related information throughout your agency.

Electronic Document Management

Scan and upload documents to client files, such as a driver’s license, social security card, or copy of a lease.

Vendor Expenditures

Approve expenditures entered on the service delivery page, have the system produce checks, and write the check number back to the service records. Data can also be exported into a desired accounting system that requests check payments, with the ability to import back into empowOR with corresponding check numbers and a changed status to 'paid.'

Reports for Funders and Donors

Core Reports

Pre-set reports for quick access

Advanced Reports

Visually dynamic reports with several reporting categories

Report Builder

Customizable reports to save for easy access

Funder Reports

Electronically submit directly to major funders (CSBG, HUD 9902, PIR & LIHEAP)

See empowOR in action

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What our clients say


Client inquiry and the ability to send requests for documents have reduced the time that our Case Managers spend doing intake by 50%.

Joseph Figueroa

Tri Lakes Cares (TLC), CO

Before empowOR, La Puente's Crisis Prevention arm was taking up to 2 weeks to process an application. These days, we can process applications in 1 business day! empowOR was a game changer.

Adam Cheise

La Puente Crisis Prevention, CO

The capacity for reporting is far beyond any system we have seen.

Betsy Andrews Parker

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County, NH

We can case note what is going on with someone, read the notes, and pick back up where someone else left off. That wasn't the case when we were in many different systems.

Dawn van Hees CCAP, NCRI

Lakes and Pines CAC, Inc., MN

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